You and your friends can now save big on all your Target must-haves, thanks to Cartwheel.
— Jeff Jones

Stakeholder Objectives


The key for Target Cartwheel success will be accomplishing the objectives of each stakeholder through a compelling and personally valuable experience.


  • Provide financial savings
  • Deliver personalized relevancy
  • Reward & incentivize engagement & loyalty
  • Facilitate offer discoverability
  • Provide an enjoyable, fun, and unique experience
  • Anticipate and respond to preferences and wishes
  • Leverage investment in existing social networks
  • Respect & accommodate privacy preferences
  • Streamline offer redemption process and experience
  • Support cross-platform & device availability


  • Achieve sales revenue growth
  • Deepen guest relationship & loyalty

  • Drive store traffic

  • Provide a solution of high personal value for guests

  • Demonstrate Target’s ‘eye for design’

  • Create a personalized & unique experience

  • Collect valuable guest data

  • Generate new revenue streams (pay-to-play)

  • Contribute to perception of Target as innovative and forward thinking

  • Create social media buzz

  • Diminish competitors’ perceived price advantage

  • Foster positive vendor relationships

  • Provide another way for guests to form a social/ community experience around the brand 


  • Provide tangible analytics on social performance

  • Deliver return on investment (ROI)

  • Reach target demographic

  • Drive sales and brand awareness

  • Generate social media buzz

  • Provide convenience & ease of use

  • Mange & control offer flexibility


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