Your needs are at the center of everything I do. The ultimate goal for me is to help my clients build their businesses, and a happy client who says: "We couldn’t have done it without Arshad."


Business Definition

Can it be done? Should it be done? And what is it, exactly? I add worth and reduce risk for new ventures and their investment partners by honing in on the core value of their products and services.

Funds Acquisition

I walk together with my clients into the tricky world of angels and VCs, meticulously prepared to hunt down seed or first round funding for their now-developed ideas.

Operational Strategy

This is where I roll up my sleeves and plan with clients what the business is going to look like from the inside out, from its rules and policies to business processes and hiring plans.

User Experience

Content Strategy

Content is not just filler between the code. I craft a unique voice for each project, one that is in harmony with both the brand and the needs of the customer.

Information Architecture

How is a site organized? How do you move through it? I take the 30,000-foot view of the project, and then draw the blueprints for a site, from navigation to page schematics.

Interaction Design

What makes a site compelling? I employ scenarios, storyboards, and prototypes to ensure that a site's appearance and behavior are not only useful, but truly engaging.

Interface Engineering

A vital link between the design and engineering worlds, I translate the User Experience and Visual Design visions into the technical specs needed to build systems.

User Research

Any business that does not know its customers is dust before it launches. I get to the heart of what users want, and use that to inform the entire development process.


Application Development

I build to bring quality products to market faster and better. My goal is not just to "birth" a web application, but to create stable, scalable systems.

Database Architecture

I build and deliver incorruptible and robust databases, each of which is stable enough to withstand the tests of time and the rigor of use.

Enterprise Modeling

I employ sound architectural design principles and the universal modeling language, which enable me to put together enterprise-level systems that meet my clients' needs.

Technical Documentation

I provide documentation that is clean, well-organized, and most important, useful. Knowledge transfer has never been simpler or more effective.